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6 Super Ridiculous Myths About Lingerie Sets And Bras Every Woman Must Know! - fimsfashion

6 Super Ridiculous Myths About Lingerie Sets And Bras Every Woman Must Know!

Myths are everywhere. In fact, there are no such things left where people don't wanna add their own stereotypical statements or points. 

Now, If we are talking about myths about lingerie sets and bras I am sure you all must have heard one of the myths I am going to mention because myths are so damn common in India. Literally, for everything, there gotta be some myths that our parents or society told us. 

So, if you wanna know all the crazy stuff people have to say, do read this blog post.



  • Lingerie sets need to be expensive.

There's no rule or something that lingerie sets need to be expensive. Yet some brands consider it as a luxury good and keep its cost really high. But it doesn't change the fact that comfy yet good lingerie sets can be sold at a budget-friendly price.

A lingerie set is just like any other garment, it is a need and a necessity for every woman out there. And that's why brands like FIMS Fashion provide lingerie sets with good quality at a reasonable price. You should check their lingerie sets and other innerwear products for women.

  • You don't need a sports bra for working out.

Trust me, you do need a sports bra for working out! And even if you don't work out, you'll still need a sports bra. Because, sports bras are multipurpose bras, they provide great support and coverage than any other everyday bra. 

Have you ever noticed that sports bras offer wider and sturdier straps? Which makes it perfect for teenage girls and school-going girls as it provides the best support. You can check out  FIMS Fashion sports bras, they have a wide variety of designs, colors, and sizes to choose from!



  • You must have a perfect body for wearing lingerie sets.

Hell no, no matter what your size or cup size, lingerie sets on today's date are available for everybody and every size.

In the 21st century, almost everything is available and so are plus-size lingerie sets. Yes, earlier in the 1900s when lingerie sets were just introduced, there weren't many sizes available. But the lingerie industry has revolved a lot. Now, you can easily find plus-size lingerie.

Brands like FIMS Fashion offer plus-size lingerie sets, bras, panties, and other nightwear. I'll highly recommend you to check their products out. They have many sexy and blunt designs which will make you feel secure and confident!

  • You can wear the same bra for two days in a row.

I know most of you wear your favorite bras for about 2-3 days in a row. Chances are that you might be wearing it right now. But trust me you don't wanna do this.

Breasts are one of the sensitive parts of a woman and need to be cleaned on regular basis. So does your bra! A bra is like the closest thing to a women's heart. Isn't this fact enough to wash it and keep it clean regularly? 

Wanna buy more bras after hearing all this? Buy it at FIMS Fashion online. Shop for combos and get super cool discounts and offers!

  • Wearing sexy lingerie sets makes a woman characterless.

No way it does! In India, you must have seen men's undergarments hanging here and there for drying up. But, you won't find any women's bra or panty hanging and even if it does, it will most probably, become a sinful and shaming moment for that woman. Which is so damn wrong and needs to change in India!

Even, most women find it embarrassing to go out and buy sexy lingerie sets for themselves. Society needs to normalize women wearing sexy lingerie. If a women do wanna wear it and look absolute badass, then what's the harm? Let her flaunt, feel secure and bold in that particular look!

If this inspired you enough and now you wanna buy one for yourself then you should check out these hot and sweet collections of FIMS Fashion and slay in them.

  • It's OK to wash lingerie sets and bras in a washing machine.

You really shouldn't wash lingerie sets and bras in a washing machine. Especially padded, wired, and lace lingerie sets. Washing bras in a machine kind of disfigures your bra and might destroy its pad and wires.

The same goes with fancy and lace lingerie sets, washing them in a machine just reduces their durability. Those soft lace may get unstitched while washing in a machine. So I recommend you clean it on your own with your hands!